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About Us

Magnum Opus Group – MOG founded in 2011, is a company with a multi-dimensional experience in the services market, offering development of organizational systems, project and program management for, public and private, local and international enterprises.

The philosophy and vision of MOG is to produce a high quality service that is also the DNA of it, the integrated system conjunctions the circle business life with 360◦ approach.

Our Philosophy

The symbol of MOG is the perfection system work of bees. As part of their genetic code, bees are labor-intensive, organized and their goal is to produce a high  quality product.

We aim to create an integrated system, not just a business, defining our mission in  the motto “Be a bee”. We leaded by a vision “To achieve perfection in everything we do”!

Our Expertise

The nature of our projects are multi-dimensional. Our areas of expertise are focused on:


The object of MOG’s activity focuses in the forms of “One Stop Shop” and “Ad-Hock“ in:

Drafting policies and preparing strategies

through research, analysis in various sectors and market studies.

Creation of governance systems

and development of organizational systems for public and private institutions.

Strategic, management and operational level services

combined with integrated consultancy services at management and operational level.

Career in MOG

MOG provides the opportunity to grow professionally and to “crystallize” your work experience.

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“Ismail Qemali” Street
Administrative Unit No 5
B 22, E 4, Ap 10
Tirana, Albania

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